Friday, July 27, 2012

Respect in the Workplace

I've dealt a LOT with this in the last couple of months at my previous place of employment, and I can't say that I really understand where something like this comes from.  Don't people understand that you gain respect by showing respect?

I won't go into the gritty details of what happened, as that's not who I am, however I think a little overview with maybe some feedback would be super!

So, last year, in what I thought was a good career move at the time, I left the company (laboratory) that was bought out (and had crazy contracts to sign that weren't warranted) and I started at another laboratory.  This was going to be different I was told, we are all going to work together to get it all done.  Things went fantastically for the first few months, and then after Christmas, wow did it go downhill.  So, I knew last year when I signed on that it was for a one year contract.  I brought it up with my boss half-way through, that perhaps there should be some sort of performance review, but no go.  'Wait until July he sad'.  Cool.  Anyways, my contract was coming just about up, (just over two weeks ago) and I got an odd email, so I called him to ask what was up.  I asked point blank at this time (two weeks of contract time remaining) if my contract was being renewed, and I was told that 'We're moving forward' and you are 'seeing ghosts'.  These answers didn't make sense, but there was no clarification to be had.

During the last week of my contract, I was told to instruct one of my co-workers there, on how to do a good portion of what I looked after on a day-to-day basis.  Anyone else, get a weird sense of foreboding?  So,  with a two days left in the contract, I was informed of a meeting, in another building, with HR the next day, my last day.

I went in, listened to what they had to say and to their contract extension offer, I declined (didn't want to go through it all again in 6 months).  Now, I've heard what my FORMER boss has been telling my former co-workers and it is just BS, absolute lies!  The reasons that he has attached to me turning down the contract are skewed, and of course skewed to make me look like a jerk. The reality of the issue lies in the fact that he did not respect me.

I have the utmost respect for people who go to work everyday and get something done.  I show that respect in both my actions and words, at all times.  I provide praise and uplifting statements to my co-workers for the work that they do.  I cannot understand how a business or a manager cannot do these things.  As a business, it is disrespectful to your employee to NOT give them a solid answer on the status of their job before the contract is over.  Two weeks notice on whether or not the contract is being renewed would be fine, that gives people time to put a plan in place for what is going to happen next.  Having a meeting on the last day of the contract leaves no time for negotiation, nor even discussion with anyone (husband, wife, dog).

This bugs me, and bugs me a LOT (obviously - since I have spent time writing about it!).  Is this really what the world is coming too?  or have I just been introduced to a bunch of weirdos?  Or worse, am I the one expecting too much from people?

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  1. Sounds like they fucked up, big time. Sucks how it happened (I've been there), but one thing you'll be thankful for is no longer having to deal with those people. Trust your gut and stay positive. There are good companies and managers out there.