Thursday, November 3, 2011

Offline AIR Sync with ColdFusion Difficulty

Well, I have tried my hand at this for some time, but can't seem to get it to work, AND I really have no idea why not, nor how to fix it. This is one of those problems that is too big for Twitter :)

Anyways, I have a mobile AIR app that I have built (and it works great!), however I need the data to be synced back to the server and then accessible to other mobile devices. I have CF9 set up, with ORM, I've tried to keep it simple, and have all the data stored in a single table. Below is the CFC for the data...

And here is the object from ActionScript...

Now anytime I try to update the object on the server, I just get an error. Doing some logging and tracing, it seems that two of the data items in the struct sent to the server do not have a value, just a '?'. Um, the data is fine on the device, but not when it sends it to the server. So WTF?

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for me? This has been bugging me for a couple of days (its a side project so I had to find time to post about it). If you need any further data or code, please just post for it in the comments. Thanks in Advance for any assistance!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ColdFusion 9 and Exchange 2010

So during the set-up of the network that I have had to build, I've run into a few snares with the server and getting the system (that was provided to me). The biggest one that was problematic, was the OWA access for my Exchange server stopped working. At first I thought it was something with the SSL certificate that I had created for the mail server and I went through a LOT of work to fix the Exchange server. Once the server was running and OWA was operating properly (yeah, uninstall Exchange and mess around with IIS) I was quite happy.

I then wanted to add ColdFusion 9.01 to the server (again) before adding the large custom 'program' to the server that has to be installed to the default website (same as OWA) and creates a crazy number of virtual directories and whatnot to the IIS server. So I installed CF9 in advance... with the default settings, and applied it to all IIS websites. Then I went to access OWA and, um it didn't work. I finally figured out that adding ALL websites to CF9 caused the issue (yeah there was a LOT of Googling, but not much was out there, and I can't seem to find the post that helped me to find the problem... )

Anyways, I uninstalled CF9 and OWA worked no problem, so then I re-installed CF9 and assigned it to a couple of sites that I created but have yet to populate... and well it worked. It seems that CF9 adds a default mapping for its requests, and that interferes with the pre-existing default mapping for OWA.

So, for my own reference and if anyone else experiences this, you cannot have CF9 working on the same website that has OWA running on it. You can apply CF9 to other sites on IIS, just not the one running OWA. Hope that this helps someone! :)

Too Busy...

It has been a REALLY long time since I have posted anything here. Life has taken a few ups and downs, and so has work.

A few months ago, I changed jobs, after spending almost a year focusing on a single enterprise Flex app, that was scraped once the company I worked for was bought by a larger organization... It was quite a piece of software if I do say so myself, a nice ColdFusion backend and a Flex frontend. It was a bunch of work, but a great learning experience, disappointed that it never got to production though :(

Anyways, with my new job I get to do something similar. At this initial stage, I am leaving Flex out of it, and going straight ColdFusion ad jQuery. Given that I have been at this job for three months now, I am a) getting everything set up the way I want (finally) b) getting the crap cleared out of the way and c) starting to feel the pressure to get more done :)

I have encountered a few things lately that I thought I should share, so I am resurrecting my blog, and hoping for more consistent posting in the future!