Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holiodays and my New Years Resolution

Happy Holidays to one and all!

It is a crazy time of year, but we should all try and remember what the season means (whatever that is for you!). For me, I am thankful for my wonderful Wife and daughter, they are the center of my world. I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had this year within the Adobe Community, and trying to expand my 'horizons'.

So, for my New Year's Resolution, I will try harder to blog more here. I am undertaking a project that I am looking forward to using CF9 on, and I am going to be using the Flex 4 Beta (hopefully not for too much longer!) Framework for the UI... Hopefully I will learn alot, and be able to pass some gems along to everyone!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season!

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